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1. Guild

1. Creation
In order to create a guild you must meet the following criteria first
- You must be level 10
- You must have 10,000 gold in your inventory.
Once you meet all the criteria above, go to the Military Zone in Gaiyan Town and speak to "Guild Manager Harvis", located in the Barracks.

[Location of Barracks]

[Location of Guild Manage]

2. Guild Creation
When you talk to [Guild Manager Harvis], choose [Create Guild] as below.
When you click the [Create Guild], you can enter the Guild name and read notes.
Entering the Guild name and reading notes are the last step to create Guild.

2. Party system

Don’t play alone in LOE!!
I’ll let you know party system to play with your friends.

1. Create Party
Click the button in the middle of 9 icons on the bottom right side of the window.
(If you cannot find the button, just press Hotkey [P])
- Click the button to open Menu window. Then select [Party]
- You can open the window for setting party option with select [Party] or type [P]. Enter the name and set the reason, rule, Loot Options, Publishes and click [OK], then your party is created.

2. Invitation of Party member
If nobody comes to the party, it is useless!!!
I’ll let you know how to invite other players.
- Click the character to invite in your party. (If you have the character name on top of the screen, it means you have selected it.)
- When you right-click on selected character, you can see the Menu. Click [Invite] from the menu.
- When the player accepts party invitation, that’s all.
(If the player does not accept party invitation for some period, this request will be canceled automatically.)

3. Squad
Squad is a group of several parties to kill raid boss monster.
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