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1. Interface

01. Chat Window
It is divided into Normal / Party / Guild / God / Shout / System
You can check the message individually or totally.

02. Character Interface
It shows Character information such as HP, MP, CP (Charge point: increase skill damage) and so on.

03. Shortcut Bars
You can put Skill, Item, Action with Drag and drop, and you can use them by press number Key or double click.

04. Main Menu
You can open Character Interface (C) / Quest Log (L) / Inventory (I) / Game system / Game Ocean by clicking.

05. EXP Bar
You can check your current EXP status.

06. Minimap
It shows Character / NPC / teleport point information.
It has the icon to open World Map and to participate in sacred war.
You can open and close the window with clicking 'X' button or enter ‘N’ from the keyboard.

2. Hotkey

Basic Hotbar + Expansion Hotbar
You can place 12 Skills and items on the Hotbar basically from #1 to =(+).
Expansion Hotbar: You can place another 12 skills and items on Expansion Hotbar.
You can use them by press the key with Alt (ex, Alt+1). You can change shortcut if you want.
Weapon swap quick slot
Quick slot: you can swap the weapon by clicking
Press [Z] to switch between weapon sets.

3. Skill learning

You can learn skill when you talk to class master and click [Learn Skill]
You can learn skill to click if you have SP.
Skills you can learn are activated and Skills you are not able to learn are marked as Red.
You must determine carefully when you learn Skill which needs to spend Skill Point(SP).

4. Quest

1. Receive and complete of Quest
When you go around in the town and field, you will able to see a BLUE Exclamation Mark Icon on each NPC, You can receive and completed the quest from them. Then the quest is completed you can see a GREEN Exclamation Mark Icon on the NPC.

2. Quest procedure
NPCs with a yellow question mark above their head has already asked for your help.

3. Mini Map
You are able to see the current status of Quest on the Mini Map with clicking ‘M’ from Keyboard.
Also, it is useful to see the name of NPC for quest task.
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