1. Download Client at the download page at Legend of Edda’s website. 2. Once Client download has been completed, you can install it automatically when you press 'Running'(Double click). 3. Click 'Next' on installation screen.
4. Setup the path to install the game and press the "Install" button.
5. Now you can install the game as below. 6. Once you complete the installation, enter your account and password you signed up at JCPlanet.
Then click Log-In button to start playing game.

※ Choosing God

The first screen you’ll come across is the Realm Selection Screen, allowing you to choose either Olympus or Titan.

※ Character Customization

Customize your character you will play with.
1 Name - the one that you will use on game.
2 Gender - your character gender on game.
3 Class - what job you want to be on game.
4 Select appearance

※ Character Creation Completion

On Character Selection Screen, you can create and delete the character.
Also, you can play the game with clicking [Enter world] button.
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