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1. Location of class master

01. Fighter Master : NPC Magellan
02. Rogue Master: NPC Nestia
03. Mage Master : NPC Christina

You can learn skills only from your class master.
To learn skills, you need a certain amount of Skill Points (SP). Stronger skill requires higher level.
You can see your current Skill Points (SP) at your Skill Window (K).

2. Role of main NPC

1. Equipment Merchant [Tessa] – Blacksmith
Located in Portal & Industrial Area, she sells Weapon and Armors of each class.

2. Magic Merchant [Heena] - Magician
Located in Portal & Industrial Area, she sells Disassembling Kit and Enchant Scroll.

3. Crafts Merchant [Karen] – Crafts Merchant
Located in Portal & Industrial Area, she sells Production Material Production stone, Tome of Power and so on.

4. Warehouse Keeper [Patrick]Warehouse Keeper
Located in the Barracks in Military Zone, you may able to keep your valuable item and gold from the house.

5. Guild Manager [Havris]- Guild Manager
Located in the Barracks in Military Zone, you can create or disband the guild.
You need be level 10 and have 10,000 Gold in your inventory
The one who create the Guild is a leader of a Guild, can invite other users by clicking 'Invite to Guild'.

3. God of war & rank

1. God Point
You can obtain GP through [Sacred War], [Arena], and [Field PVP].
You can buy Item at God Merchant with GP and level up your God Rank when you gain enough GP.
Check GP at Character information window (Hotkey : C). ① God Point : Your current GP and GP required for the next level
② God / God Rank : Your current God (God you selected at first)/ your God rank
③ Rank point : Total God Point you have got.
④ Available point : Available point you can use to buy items

2. God Rank
You can level up your God Rank according to God Points. It is displayed in front of your character name.
There are 35 God Rank, see the below each rank.

God Rank God Rank God Rank
VagabondR1 OfficerR4 Guardian
R9 SoldierR2 OfficerR3 Guardian
R8 SoldierR3 OfficerR2 Guardian
R7 SoldierR4 OfficerR1 Guardian
R6 SoldierR5 OfficerDestroyer
R5 SoldierR1 GeneralConqueror
R4 SoldierR2 GeneralSlayer
R3 SoldierR3 GeneralHero
R2 SoldierR4 GeneralGod of War
R1 SoldierR5 General
KnightSupreme Commander

You can reach to Supreme Commander once you gain the God Point, the rank from R4 Guardian to God of War is obtained from competition between Supreme Commanders. This rank can be initialized.

3. God of War
[God of War] is given to 1st rank player of each class who has the highest amount of GP. Player’s God rank will return to Supreme Commander after the period.

(1) Buff from God of War

God of War can offer the buff for all its team when God of War is online. You can find buff of each class.

WarriorRaise P. Defense of Warrior players in your party by 1%
SwordsmanRaise P. Attack of Swordsman players in your party by 1%
ArcherRaise Attack Speed of Archer players in your party by 1%
AssassinRaise Critical strike damage of Assassin players in your party by 1%
WizardRaise M. Attack of Wizard players in your party by 1%
ClericRaise Max HP and Max MP of Cleric players in your party by 2%

(2) Message to all of your party and enemy side

[God of War] can send Message to all of your party and enemy side.
Enter [@] in front of message to send it (Once a while)

(3) Announcement from God of War

[God of War] can enter the message on your character UI (All players from your party can see this message)

(4) Tax

[God of War] can get some Gold from tax amount.
(You can receive this amount from Demi-God's Agent NPC)

(5) Hall of Honor

God of War’s record will be displayed in Hall of Honor

4. World map

- Gaiyan
Gaiyan is one of the main and first town of Legend of Edda.
There are the biggest town [Gaiyan Town], [Gaiyan Hills], [Kobalos Mines] for beginners and first combat area [Fringe Valley] and [Mount Khione] where 'Snow Dragon Pakeda' is sleeping.
- Loherra
[Loherra] is the second area for the players who come from [Gaiyan] after knocked down 'Snow Dragon Pakeda'
[Loherra] is totally different from [Gaiyan], you can find tribe from underground monster from rough plateau area.
- Ballack
[Ballack] is unknown area.
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