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1. Reinforcement / Craft / Enchant

1. Reinforcement
[Town Anvil] - Reinforcement
Located in Portal & Industrial Area, you can upgrade your armor and weapon to increase damage and defense. Note: When you upgrade your item, this can be destroyed or the power is decreased.

2. Crafting
[Town Anvil] – Item Crafting
Located in portal & industrial Area, you can ask to craft weapon and armor and accessories like necklace or ring.

3. Item Enchant
[Vesper] - Enchant Wizard
You are able to upgrade your items for higher status; you may also enchant your items to increase certain attributes. He is in the Magic shop located in Portal & Industrial area.

2. PvP

1. Dueling
In order to begin a duel, simply walk up to the player you wish to duel, right click them, and select "Challenge to a Duel". It is able to fight with same God characters. Once the Duel has begun, the square is appears, the players will have the result until timeout.

2. World PvP
PVP Present channel maps :
Frigid Valley, Boreas Temple, Riphean Ruins, Mount Khione, Riphean Labyrinth, Cybele Gardens, Loherra Plateau, Wailing Wall, Shadow Canyon, Underworld, Ballack's Castle, Endless Riphean Ruins, Polluted Cybele Gardens, Black Shadow Canyon

You can attack the players from other side of God without accepting the battle in combat area.
You are not able to revive at current location when you died by attacking from other players.

3. Instant dungeon

You can enter dungeons with a party or by yourself through [Dungeon-Gate] the Dimension Goddess at Gaiyan Town. You can see each Dungeon by difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard when you click Dimension Goddess. You can enter Dungeon by individually or as a party member.

When you clear Dungeon in a short time, you can get more rewards.
Time begins at the same time of entrance.

When the Party Leader enters Dungeon, all members in the party also enter same Dungeon.
There will be more and stronger monsters in higher level of dungeons.

1. Clear Rank
Rank is decided by the time you spend from entering Dungeon.
According to the rank, the rewards (EXP, Gold, Items) are different.

4. Sacred war

You can join the Scared War every 2 hours a day.

There are 2 teams depends on God. You will receive a special buff and reward when you win in Sacred War with capturing and enshrining more Relics in your team's Shrine.

You can enter the Sacred War Zone through Sacred War portal or by clicking the button on Minimap during the Sacred War.

1. How to play

You can get 1 point when you extract a relic from Natural Shrine or Enemy Shrine by double clicking it and deliver it to your team’s Shrine. You can have buff of blessing for all your team. Also, you can get God Point when you enshrine a Relic, or kill your enemy.

※ If you die while capturing Relics, this process is cancelled.

※ If you die while holding a Relic, you will lose the Relic and it will respawn at the Neutral Shrine.

※ When you capture the Relic, character will have the mark of Relic.

2. Finish
You win if you defend and secure more Relics from the opposite team than them during countdown time.
The war will finish draw if you defend and secure same Relics as opposite team.

3. Status of Sacred War
You can see the status of Sacred War on War Icon on the Minimap.
Sacred war is in progress
Sacred war is closed

4. Runaway Debuff
If you leave a Sacred War before it is over, you may not enter again for 5 min.

5. God Point after finish the Sacred War
You can obtain God Point according to the ranking once you complete the Sacred War.

5. Sacred war(Shine of heaven)

1. How to?
- Each camp has to guard its carriage to the final point.
- When a camp guard its carriage to the final point, the war is over.
- When users move scared things to candles of his camp, special effect will be invocated.

─────── Direction of progress (Olympus' carriage)

─────── Direction of progress (Titan's carriage)

2. Effects of each scared thing
- There is one scared thing at each altar and four scared things in the field.
- There is buff for ally and debuff for enemy in each scared things.
- Each scared thing appears 2 minutes after starting of war.
AltarAltar of LifeAltar of EarthAltar of WaterAltar of Fire
RelicSymbol of DefenseSymbol of Defense DropSymbol of Speed DropSymbol of Speed
Description+20% defense of
ally's carriage
-20% defense of
enemy's carriage
-20% moving speed of
enemy's carriage
+20% moving speed of
ally's carriage

3. Carriage
Carriage of OlympusCarriage of Titan
- Whenever carriage get attack, HP will be decreased. (All attack and skill will be applied like monster.)
- When HP of carriage is 0, the carriage will be broken. It never moves before revival.
- The broken carriage will revive with HP 100% at the place that it was broken and it starts to move.
- The remaining time of carriage’s revival at the right-bottom of screen.

[Revival time count of carriage]

4. Travel rage of carriage
- You can see travel range of carriage from score sign at the right-bottom of screen.
- When score is 10, it means that your carriage arrive the finish point.

6. Tome of power

Sacrifice Weapons and Armor to the Tome of Power to gain stat boosts!
Depends on the types of Item which is put into the magical book, you can get the point.
You can increase your character ability or get the special skill with this point.

1. How do I use the Tome of Power?
The Tome of Power can be accessed from the Bottom left corner of your Inventory.

You can find your current Point, the point you need to increase your character’s ability, the increased ability and the slots for placing items at Tome of Power window.

Select the different tabs according to the type of equipment. Click [Weapon] tab to put the weapons, or click [Armor] tab to put armors.

You can get a preview of their effect-the number of Points in your Tome will increase when you put items in.

When you click the [Apply] button with putting the item in the slot, the ability will be increased.

7. Pet

- Pet?
Pets can help you in combat and support your character using their skills.
There are many different types of pets in Legend of Edda.
You can buy them in Cash Item Mall or you can use God point to buy them.
Have fun with your little buddy which does not exist in the actual.

1. Register your pet
- Pets must be sealed off at first, because they are sealed when you buy them.
You can seal off the pet when you double click pet which is sealed with red string.

- You double click your pets from your inventory in order to register them.

- You can open Pet Sheet by pressing [V] to see registered pet’s information.
You can simply summon your pet by clicking [summon] after selecting of your registered pet on your Pet Sheet.

- Summon the Pet

P.S : Pet can get the EXP with your character and level up. They can use various equipment and skills depends on their level.

8. CP

[What is CP System?]
You can maximize your skill with this system when you play.

Skills can be divided as below based on CP.

[1. Skill for charging CP] : When you use normal attack skill, you can charge 1 CP.
[2. Skill for spending CP] : You can use maximize your skill ability with spending collected CP at once.
[3. Skill which is not related to CP] : Skills which is not related to CP.

[How to Charge CP]
You can charge max. 5 CP with using use normal attack skill.
You can see current status of CP charging on your bottom left side of the screen.

[How to spend CP]
There are various skills you can use with pending CP. 1) "Dragon Claw" skill of Assassin that increases the time to stun according to CP you spend.
2) Team skill that increases the Attack for the period according to CP you spend.
3) "Self Recover" skill of Assassin that has different recovery amount of HP according to CP you spend.

9. Fishing system

1. How to fishing
- You need to purchase a fishing rod for fishing.
You can buy a fishing rod from NPC [Sergei] in square area in Gaiyan town.


[Types of fishing rod]

Weak Wooden Rod (1 hour)500 GoldFishing
Wood fishing rod (3 hours)1,000 GoldFishing
Wood fishing rod (8 hours)1,500 GoldFishing
Hard Steel Rod (1 hour)1,200 GoldFishin, Success Rate +5
Hard Steel Rod (3 hours)2,500 GoldFishing, Success Rate +5
Hard Steel Rod (8 hours)5,000 GoldFishing, Success Rate +5
Fanatic Rod (1 hour)2,000 Gold, 50 God PointFishing, Success Rate +10
Fanatic Rod (3 hours)4,000 Gold, 100 God PointFishing, Success Rate +10
Fanatic Rod (8 hours)8,000 Gold, 200 God PointFishing, Success Rate +10

- You can fish in square area in Gaiyan town with a fishing rod you bought.

[Fishing place]

- Once you arrived at fishing place, press [K] and start with choosing of [Fishing] from [Action] tab.

[Fishing action]

[Screenshot of fishing]

- Once you start fishing, you will continually fish until you click [Cancel].
- There is possibility to fail.
- You can obtain small gold and EXP whenever you succeed in fishing.

2. Reward item
- You can obtain below items from fishing.
- Basic item (you can receive gold if you sell these items.)
ItemSelling Price
Wet Fabric1 Gold
Carp10 Gold
Eel100 Gold
Tuna300 Gold

- Fishing item
Wet Fabric[Event] Apple of Accuracy +3%
Carp[Event] Cherry of Evasion +3%
Eel[Event] Skewer of Attack +3%
Tuna[Event] Soup of Defence +3%

- Treasure box (You can get various item randomly.)
[Mossy box]
[Event] 5% Physical Attack Potion (20 min) 1
[Event] 5% Magic Attack Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 5% Physical Defense Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 5% Magic Defense Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 5% Max HP Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 5% Max MP Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 5% Movement Speed Potion (20 min)1
[Event] 10% EXP Potion (1hour)1
[Event] Item Drop Potion +5% (10 min)1
[Event] Heaven HP Potion1
[Event] Heaven MP Potion1
[Event] Revival Stone1
[Event] Horn of Giant1
[Event] Slot Item Extrator1
[Event] Skill Reset Book1
Ruby III1
Emerald III1
Sapphire III1
Poseidon's Treasure Box1

[Poseidon's Treasure Box]
10000 Gold Note1
30000 Gold Note1
150000 Gold Note1
1 Million Gold Note1
Beauty Shop Hair Coupon1
Eye Color Coupon1
Face Coupon1
Skill Reset Book1
[Event] Fetch! (3D)1
[Event] Fetch! (7D)1
[Event] Warp Book (3D)1
Yellow Fish (7D)1
Yellow Fish (30D)1
Blue Fish (7D)1
Blue Fish (30D)1
Red Fish (7D)1
Red Fish (30D)1
Strong Power of Ring(Magic)1
Strong Power of Ring(Rare)1
Strong Power of Ring(Unique)1
Magical Intelligence of Ring(Magic)1
Magical Intelligence of Ring(Rare)1
Magical Intelligence of Ring(Unique)1
Ruby III1
Emerald III1
Sapphire III1
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